Cadre Members

Dr. Bruce Hegwer

Dr. Max Luft

Dr. Hugh Prather

Dr. Lou Lafrado

Dr. Patricio Rojas

Dr. Jim Ledyard

Sandy Davis

Steve Robbins

Steve Archuleta

Tony Archuleta

Caz Martinez

Dmitri Calvert

Christina Baca

We are looking for licensed, highly qualified and experienced individuals to join our Cadre staff.  Cadre members, as ACES employees, often provide interim services to one or more schools.  Additionally, Cadre members provide consulting services and complete specific and specialized tasks to meet school needs.  Specifically we are soliciting applications from educators with experience as:

School Administrators

Testing Coordinators

Special Education Directors

Human Resource Specialists

Special Education teachers

Math Teachers

Science Teachers

Bilingual Teachers

PE Teachers



Social Workers

Other licensed educational personnel are encouraged to apply as well.

Interested individuals are encouraged to email a letter of interest, completed application form, a copy of Public Education License/s, and a copy of background check on file with the Public Education Department to:

Dr. Bruce Hegwer, Executive Director


Dr. Max Luft, Deputy Director

Application For Employment