Signed Joint Powers Agreements (JPA’s) by School

0.4 Mosaic Academy Charter

0.5 Southwest Aeronautics, Mathematics, and Science Academy

0.6 Southwest Intermediate Learning Center

0.7 Southwest Primary Learning Center

0.8 Southwest Secondary Learning Center

1.1 Aldo Leopold High School

1.2 Anansi Charter School

1.3 Cesar Chavez Community School

1.4 Deming Cesar Chavez Charter High School

1.5 Digital Arts and Technology Academy

1.6 Public Academy for Performing Arts

1.7 South Valley Preparatory School

2 Cien Aguas International School

2.1 Albuquerque Charter Academy (SIA Tech)

2.2 Amy Biehl Charter High School

2.3 La Jicarita Community School

2.4 San Diego Riverside Charter School

2.5 Tierra Encantada Charter School

3 J. Paul Taylor Academy 3.0 JPA

3.1 Albuquerque School of Excellence

3.2 Albuquerque Talent Development Academy

3.3 Alice King Community Schools

3.4 Carinos Charter School

3.5 Health Sciences Academy

3.6 International School at Mesa del Sol

3.7 La Academia Delores Huerta

3.8 La Tierra Montessori School of the Arts & Sciences

3.9 Lindrith Area Heritage School

3.10 Montessori on the Rio Grande

3.11 School of Dreams

3.12 The Academy for Technology & Classics

3.13 Uplift Community School

3.14 Christine Duncans Heritage Academy

3.15 Cien Aguas International School

3.16 J. Paul Taylor Academy

3.17 Mosaic Academy Charter

3.18 Southwest Aeronautics, Mathmatics, and Science Academy

3.19 Southwest Intermediate Learning Center

3.20 Southwest Primary Learning Center

3.21 Southwest Secondary Learning Center

9.3 La Promesa Early Learning Center