ACES Staff

Christy Takacs

Christy is the Executive Director of ACES.  Over the past 28 years she has been an elementary school teacher, an elementary and middle school principal, and a charter leader in New Mexico.  With the majority of her experience being in a leadership capacity, she has a strong knowledge base and broad understanding of the needs of New Mexico schools.  Her vision for ACES is to be the first organization people consider when looking for support services for their schools.  Her goal is to effectively and creatively meet the needs of NM Charter Schools and to continue to move ACES forward in providing quality, affordable services.

Nancy Bangs

Nancy has extensive experience in finance and provides key bookkeeping services for ACES.

Katherine Moore

As ACES financial manager, Katherine oversees all financial aspects of the business. Since 2014, her career has focused on gaining financial process efficiencies and improving human relations aspects for small businesses. Katherine grew up in Yokohama Japan and immigrated in 2002 where she graduated from the University of Massachusetts business school, Suma cum laude. Katherine spent several additional years in Japan working to improve military civilian relations in an advertising capacity, before returning to the US to complete an MBA in finance. She can be reached at

Laurence Romero

Laurence was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico and has deep family ties to Central and Northern New Mexico. With a career focused on Operations and Project Management, Performance Improvement and Customer Service, he is excited to be of service to the institutions focused on providing a great education to the children of our communities. In the Maintenance Program Manager role, he will assist institutions with Planned Preventative Maintenance, Routine Maintenance, and helping execute a Maintenance schedule that will contribute to the short- and long-term care of their facility. Laurence has three teen-age children, all boys, and enjoys spending time with them on school activities, their hobbies and supporting their interests. He also enjoys listening to all types of music, golfing and is an avid sporting event spectator. Laurence can be reached at

Sharon Myers

As ACES Administrative Assistant, Sharon provides assistance to all areas of ACES business. Composing the ACES Newsletter, maintaining the ACES Website and providing ACES communication are just a few facets of her job. As Employment Services manager, Sharon posts jobs for participating charter schools on various platforms and provides quality candidates for hire. She is also in charge of the Substitute Program for Albuquerque and Las Cruces. Sharon received her undergraduate degree at New Mexico State University in Elementary Education. Additionally, she received her Master’s Degree and Education Administration license from NMSU. Sharon is a retired LCPS employee with 13 years of experience in elementary classrooms and 14 years as a principal. She returned to JPTA after retirement and worked for two years as the Assistant Director. Sharon has been in Las Cruces for over 35 years and enjoys traveling and spending time with family and friends.


Sayuri Tomoyose

Sayuri Tomoyose is in charge of file management in ACES. She joined ACES in 2021, organizing the many files and important documents that go in and out of ACES. She grew up in Japan, where she also got her license and certificate in Financial Planning. In her spare time, she likes to go hiking, mountain biking, and spend time with her dogs.