Cooperative Purchase Agreement Partners, Preferred Vendors and
Business Sponsorships


At ACES we believe one of our foremost responsibilities is to ensure that all of our members have access to the very best possible goods and services at the most advantageous pricing. Therefore ACES offers “Cooperative Purchase Agreement Partner” and “Preferred Vendor” partnerships to companies wishing to join and/or partner with ACES and its members. In addition, ACES also provides opportunities for “Business Sponsorships”.

ACES currently has 80 New Mexico Charter Schools as members and that number is growing. Through our monthly Newsletter, our Website ( and our other forms of communications, we reach all charter schools Principals/Directors in New Mexico and a majority of their Governing Council Members. Additionally, ACES facilitates regional meetings of charter school leaders and hosts one-day conferences on topics of importance to charter schools.

Cooperative Purchase Agreement Partners (CPA)

Cooperative Purchase Agreement Partners are those organizations that have been awarded a contract by ACES after having gone through New Mexico’s public procurement process. That process includes submitting a proposal in response to a publicly solicited Request for Proposals published by ACES. The proposal is then evaluated by a team who determines the proposal meets all of the requirements of solicitation and offers charter school advantageous pricing.

Benefits of being a Cooperative Purchase Agreement Partners include, but are not limited to, all benefits of the ACES Preferred Vendor plus: sole sponsorship of specific materials; at least one article in the ACES Newsletter outlining the partnership; opportunity to participate in market research; opportunity to network with ACES affiliate groups; and a more comprehensive joint marketing program. All benefits of the agreement are negotiable.

Preferred Vendors (PV)

A business can join ACES as a Business Partner for an annual fee. In return for an annual fee, ACES will help the Business Partner to market their goods and services. ACES does not endorse or certify the goods and services of the Business Partners. The ACES Executive Committee reviews and adjusts the annual Business Partner membership fee as appropriate. A Business Partner receives benefits according to the level of membership they subscribe to. The pricing and benefits for each level of membership are listed in the chart below. Most businesses opt for this relationship with ACES.

Sponsorship Opportunities

ACES is happy to discuss other memberships and partnership arrangements with other agencies that promote its vision and agenda, particularly within the business and education sector. Therefore in addition to the Cooperative Purchase Agreement Partners and Preferred Vendor relationships, ACES also provides opportunities for Business Sponsorships of ACES services, meetings, and professional development activities. To discuss customized opportunities, interested sponsors should contact Dr. Max Luft (

Partner Membership Levels

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
List of SchoolsList of SchoolsList of SchoolsList of Schools
Website Listing on Charter MarketplaceWebsite Listing on Charter MarketplaceWebsite Listing on Charter MarketplaceWebsite Listing on Charter Marketplace
2 Keywords2 Keywords3 Keywords5 Keywords
Newsletter Subscription Newsletter Subscription Newsletter Subscription Newsletter Subscription
Priority Notification of EventsPriority Notification of EventsPriority Notification of EventsPriority Notification of Events
1 Newsletter Highlight2 Newsletter Highlights4 Newsletter Highlights
Discounted Regional Meeting/Conference Sponsorship OpportunityDiscounted Regional Meeting/Conference Sponsorship Opportunity