Category: Cadre Services

Christina Baca

Tina has a temendous background in Special Education and has been a very successful school administrator. Tina can provide Special Education consultation and support services. A wealth of knowledge, Tina can faciltate IEP’s, do file reviews, train staff on LRE and modifying instruciton to meet individual student needs.

  • Christina Baca

Max Luft

Max Luft has been an educator for over 50 years working as a teacher and administrator in ESAs, non-profits and educational laboratories. He specializes in data analysis and evaluation.

  • 505-269-2109

Patricio Rojas

Dr. Patricio A Rojas is a retired administrator and teacher, he is also an associate professor at the University of Phoenix in Albuquerque and an instructor at CNM. He is a member of the professional cadre at NMACES. He received his PhD in Engineering from New Mexico State University Las Cruces -­ NM, his MS […]

  • Dr. Patricio Rojas
  • 505-550-7975

Pedro “Pete” Vallejos

Administrator Professional Development Site Professional Development Administrator Support Administrator Mentorship Support for Existing Programs/Professional Development Administrative Roles/Duties Site Evaluations Cultural Inclusion Assistance (Hispano/American Indian) Disciplinary Hearing Officer Contract Work

  • Pete Vallejos
  • (505) 944-6430

Sandy Davis

Sandy Davis is a retired administrator who has worked at all levels in schools. Most recently she led the highly successful Turquoise Trail Charter School in Santa Fe. Sandy has assisted numberous schools with their charter applications and renewals. She has also mentored several charter school administrators.

  • 505-577-0912

Walter Feldman

Wally is a retired charter school administrator and former Superintendent. He was the administrator at Middle College Charter School in Gallup and has extensive experience in all faces of school operations.