Special Education Support Services

LSG and Associates, Inc. is a nonprofit that provides ancillary and related services, compliance support, Autism coaching and staff, and training and clinic services. We have wonderful staff who committed to ensuring that students in New Mexico receive the support and services they require to benefit from instruction. Our trainers are well versed in special education law (IDEA), effective strategies, NMPED regulations, and the many agencies that support our students and families from early childhood to the world of employment.

LSG works very hard to customize our services to meet the unique needs of all schools and staff. We have talented individuals who have been special education directors, regional education center support staff, and service providers. It is our passion to support schools to improve outcomes for students with disabilities through compliant and efficent guidance to the schools we serve.

Please contact Laura Sullivan Gallegos, PhD (CEO/President) for more information at lsg4schools@lsg4schools.org

JMP Academy of Professional Development was founded in 2020 to support charter schools with Special Education compliance. Initially our founder, Jenn Pena, was the only staff member, but she soon realized that there was a greater demand for assistance for a variety of education needs, so she expanded our staff and began offering support to schools for mentorship, training, hands-on department restructuring and support for special ed, MLSS/SAT, behavioral supports, classroom management, math coaching, and inclusion strategies. We now have a team of highly talented and experienced educators, allowing us to individualize the services we provide to schools so that they can receive exactly what they need. Our staff is also highly responsive and able to adjust our services based on the school’s changing personnel and student needs. We strive to create structures and systems that can be continued once our services are no longer needed. Those interested in our services can contact Amanda at admin@jmpacademy.com or 256-276-0193.

Or you can also visit our website: JMPAcademy.com