Cafeteria/Bulk Food Services

Recognizing that students can’t learn if they are hungry, and realizing that implementing a cafeteria program that meets all of the nutritional, financial, and reporting requirements is a daunting task for a school, the ACES membership decided to seek a high quality, cost efficient method of providing a food program to students.

ACES issued a Request for Proposals (RFP), seeking vendors who have experience and a great track record of feeding students; yet meeting all of the student nutrition guidelines and reporting requirements in a cost-efficient manner. Through the competitive bid process, ACES selected Canteen of New Mexico, The El Roi Cafe, Genuine, Kids Kitchen, Nama Catering and Shamrock Foods as the cafeteria/foods services vendors to recommend to charter schools.

Canteen of Central New Mexico

Canteen of Central New Mexico ( offers a variety of options and solutions to meet your food service needs. Based on the facilities you have, Canteen can prepare food from scratch on site or deliver hot meals straight to your campus. We offer menu planning for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner as well as prepare sack breakfasts and lunches for field trips. Canteen will be there to assist you in any way possible.  For districts/schools with on-site cooking facilities, Canteen will hire the staff to prepare, serve and track the meals offered at your facility.

They also have many resources available to the Administration to help meet the requirements under the National School Breakfast and Lunch Program. Their team of professionals can also help design an available open area to a functioning cooking area that meets the criteria of the Environmental Health Department.

Canteen of Central New Mexico offers all styles of food service programs that meet the requirements of the CACFP, National School Breakfast and Lunch Program, the various Summer Food Service Programs, as well as College/University feeding. Contact them today for more information at 505.344.3481. They would be happy to serve you.

Address: Canteen of Central New Mexico
4809 Hawkins NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87109
Telephone: 505.344.3481
Fax: 505.344.4192 Email:

The El Roi Cafe

El Roi Cafe

The El Roi Café is a locally owned and operated restaurant located in the heart of Albuquerque, next door to the Albuquerque Sign Language Academy campus near downtown. Joshua Archuleta, Owner and Head Chef and Fabby Flores, Owner and Manager have extensive experience in serving cafeteria style breakfast and lunches. Fabby and Josh worked together for 4 years as Manager and Assistant Manager for SIPI Community College, where they oversaw the entire food service operation for the school. The pair decided to take their skills to the next level and open a restaurant. They now own and operate The El Roi Café, where they specialize in scratch cooking and bringing a taste of home to every plate. ACES is happy to have awarded a Food Service Management contract to EL Roi Café!

Fabby Flores, Manager


Genuine Foods is one of the fastest growing contract food service companies in the South-West. Over the last several years, they have built a network of professionals and support services in the area and are poised and ready to utilize these resources to continue their growth. Genuine Foods is a company dedicated to providing high quality, locally sourced ingredients that can be crafted into nutritionally balanced meals for any food program and for every guest. Through their partnerships and commitment to utilizing local resources, they hope to build stronger communities and improve lives. The powerful outcome of combining good food, good business practices and good partnerships is how GOOD FOOD DOES GOOD. ACES is pleased to have awarded a Food Service Management contract to Genuine Foods!

“Our purpose is to use the power of real, genuine foods to improve the lives and livelihoods of people and communities, so their most vulnerable members can flourish.”

–Jeff Mills, Genuine Foods Founder and CEO

Ian Tillotson

Director of Business Development

Direct (505) 515-1875 | Main (844) 436-3663

Nama Catering

Nama Catering LLC makes healthy, house made, delicious meals using whole grain and whole wheat in breads and pastas. As an added health and economic community benefit Nama Catering LLC supports local farmers through the preferred purchase of local and organic ingredients. The goal of Nama Catering is to provide tasty, high quality nutritious meals with food variety. By feeding students “brain food” Nama seeks to enhance children’s learning, as well as physical and mental well-being by offering daily sound nourishment and tasty nutrition. As an experienced food service management company specializing in child friendly and appropriate, appealing, nutritious meals for charter and private schools, Nama seeks to heighten the potential for children’s learning as well as their physical and mental well-being by enhancing each school day with sound nourishment and tasty nutrition. Nama is passionate about serving good food in the schools. ACES is thrilled to partner with Nama Catering in continuing to serve creatively prepared, nutritious, high quality, healthfully prepared and skillfully served meals to students and participants in NSLP and SBPP, SSP-NSLP, FFVP and CACPF.

Jamie Vachio

7716 Santa Catarina Ct. NW

Albuquerque, NM 87120


Shamrock Foods

Shamrock Foods Company and ACES have had a long-term relationship that has nurtured mutual growth in service to those who serve New Mexico families. Shamrock offers not only the culture of a local company, but the depth of experience of one of the largest broad line food service distributors in the western United States. ACES is very excited to continue to grow our relationship with Shamrock across New Mexico through a new awarded contract!

The Shamrock Way

Three principles set forth by founder W.T. McClelland guide the Shamrock Foods Company business:

Commitment to Quality Products, Service & People

Shamrock believes its first responsibility is to serve its customers with quality products and services at the best value. Shamrock’s rigid quality standards extend throughout its businesses, earning Shamrock Foods an outstanding reputation in the foodservice industry and exceeding all industry standards. The company believes having the lowest cost infrastructure in the industry gives it the ability to be the most competitive. Further, it embraces the voice of its customers in the business process, decisions and actions, and that partnership fuels its continued growth.

Innovative Approach to Business

Shamrock has never been a company that was satisfied by just delivering great products. Family-ownership affords Shamrock the opportunity to reinvest our profits into our infrastructure, our people, and technology. Shamrock leverages robust, proprietary technology to support our customers and enhance demand planning.

Commitment to Community

Shamrock Foods Company lives this commitment by supporting more than 80 nonprofit organizations every year. The company’s charitable giving has a strong focus on families, education, military, healthcare, and hunger. While operations have grown, these core principles and the company’s philosophy to “treat employees like family and customers like friends” remain constant.

Contact Information

Karen Moore, Shamrock Education Sales Leader

Kathy Seagraves, Shamrock District Manager

Kathi Bassham, Shamrock Account Executive