Financial/Business Management Services

K12 Accounting LLC

Many public schools are facing crisis in the business office.  Due to the increase in the number of business managers in New Mexico who are reaching the age of retirement, the qualified talent pool is getting smaller and often consists of applicants with a lack of school business and governmental accounting expertise.  This often results in excessive and repeat audit findings, potential financial statement misstatements, embezzlement and ultimately the inability to focus solely on education due to issues in the business office. K12 Accounting offers public school’s a solution to their business office needs.

K12 Accounting is a full-service public school business office management company located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  K12 Accounting handles all areas of school business office management including financial budgeting and planning, grant and revenue management, state and federal reporting and compliance, financial audit preparation, accounts payable, payroll and other accounting back office support.  K12 Accounting’s expertise has allowed the company to grow organically by providing admirable results that speak for themselves.  K12 Accounting’s commitment to running clients’ school business offices efficiently allows the school’s administration to focus on the classroom. From small charter schools to large school districts, K12 Accounting has become a top provider of business management services in New Mexico.

K12 Accounting provides the following services:

  • Complete business office services
  • School start-up services
  • Financial training
  • Audit preparation
  • General ledger review and clean-up

K12 Accounting is home to some of the best school business professionals in the state of New Mexico. Members of the K12 Accounting team hold Certified Public Accountant licenses, Level I & II School Business Official licenses and Bachelor’s/Master’s in Accountancy degrees. K12 Accounting personnel have a combined total experience of more than 75 years managing and auditing public schools. K12 Accounting Business Managers are specialists in governmental accounting and many have experience auditing governmental entities, including public schools. Everyone on the K12 Accounting team goes through a rigorous training process and is assigned a mentor as an additional layer of support.  If you are interested in learning more about how K12 Accounting could  help your school, please email .


ACES, through a competitive bid process, can provide financial services provide low-cost and highly effective financial management services.

One of the keys to a successful charter school is having an accurate and complete financial management services system in place. From payroll to budgeting, to expenditure analysis, internal controls and audits, an ACES approved financial management system is paramount to ensuring school funds are appropriately accounted for. The mission of a quality financial management program is to see that every available dollar is used to support classroom instruction to its fullest.

ACES issued a Request for Proposals (RFP), seeking financial management services companies who meet the highest quality standards and experience to provide financial services to charter schools.   Having gone through a competitive bid process means that schools do not have to go through that process themselves; thus saving time and money.

Through this competitive bid and evaluation process, ACES selected SchoolAbility as the financial management services company to recommend to charter schools looking for a financial manager and management system.

schoolAbility is a top-tier provider of business office software and solutions for schools in California, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, and Texas.

schoolAbility provides a comprehensive suite of products and services to manage school business office operations, including state-of-the-art financial management and human resources systems, implementation, training, consulting, value-added support, data analytics, and outsourced business office management services.

schoolAbility is uniquely qualified because it is the only organization that combines the expertise of financial management and human resources system architects, developers, and highly-qualified business managers, with the hands-on experience of delivering outsourced business office management services to school districts and charter schools across multiple states.

schoolAbility has partnered with Escape Technology to deliver schoolAbility’s OEM branded version of Online 5, the leading financial management software system for schools in California, which is currently used by over 300 school districts, 18 county offices of education, and 9 community college districts.


The Southwest Regional Education Cooperative (SWREC) is a NM State Agency providing educational programming support across the state of New Mexico, including business management services. Collectively, our organization has extensive experience as teachers, district and school administrators, curriculum and instruction specialists and school finance leaders. This depth and breadth of expertise uniquely positions us to provide comprehensive business management services that meet your needs. We take time to understand your vision and ensure the school finances are a tool, and not a barrier, to achieving your school’s goals. In addition, because we are a NM State Agency, we can serve as the CPO of your school if needed. We look forward to being your partner in education.