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A business can join ACES as a Business Partner for an annual fee of $500.00 In return for the annual fee, ACES will help the Business Partner to market their goods and services. ACES does not endorse or certify the goods and services of the Business Partners. The ACES Executive Committee reviews and adjusts the annual Business Partner membership fee as appropriate. Most businesses opt for this relationship with ACES.

managed. by Project IDEA

managed. by Project IDEA is a tool that increases compliance while reducing workload for special education teachers.  For teachers, it automates case management logistics to allow them to focus on students.  For administrators, managed. allows for increased monitoring and understanding how teachers are doing with executing their case management responsibilities to support through automated email reports and overdue notifications.

Our vision is to support special education teachers by creating more sustainability in their roles, so that students with disabilities get access to higher quality IEPs and evaluations, supports, and ultimately increase achievement.


Contact: Ingrid Wulczyn



Grow Schools

Exciting news from us today: Charter School Capital has a new name!

Say hello to Grow Schools.

At Grow Schools, our vision remains the same: that all kids have access to a nurturing environment where they can flourish. This name change reflects our dedication to helping you get where you're going—with the money, resources, and know-how to create thriving schools.

For the past 17 years, we have fostered enduring relationships with schools like yours, gaining valuable insights into your needs, aspirations, and challenges. Reliable funding is crucial for your success. But it doesn't stop there—we love helping schools with enrollment support, school building enhancements, expansions, and the path to building ownership.

We are excited about this evolution, and we look forward to continuing to support you as Grow Schools. Together, let’s imagine all your school can be!

Grow Schools

1000 SW Broadway Suite 1800

Portland, Oregon, 97205, USA

Phone: 877-272-1001



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