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The Association for Charter School Educational Services, or ACES, is a public entity approved by the New Mexico Department of Finance and Administration, to provide services and support to New Mexico schools.

ACES provides services, support, and technical assistance to New Mexico’s schools. Operating through a Joint Powers Agreement (JPA), and approved by the New Mexico Department of Finance and Administration, schools that are members of ACES can take advantage of cooperative purchasing of goods and services. By joining together,  schools can lower their operating costs and put those savings back into their classrooms.

ACES 101 Please take a moment to view this PDF presentation of what ACES can do for your school.

Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves

Executive Director

Christy Takacs
Christy is the Executive Director of ACES. Over the past 28 years she has been an elementary school teacher, an elementary and middle school principal, and a charter leader in New Mexico. 

With the majority of her experience being in a leadership capacity, she has a strong knowledge base and broad understanding of the needs of New Mexico schools. 

Her vision for ACES is to be the first organization people consider when looking for support services for their schools. Her goal is to effectively and creatively meet the needs of NM Charter Schools and to continue to move ACES forward in providing quality, affordable services.
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Nancy Bangs
Nancy has extensive experience in finance and provides key bookkeeping services for ACES.

Director Of Finance

Katherine Moore
As ACES financial manager, Katherine oversees all financial aspects of the business. Since 2014, her career has focused on gaining financial process efficiencies and improving human relations aspects for small businesses. 

Katherine grew up in Yokohama Japan and immigrated in 2002 where she graduated from the University of Massachusetts business school, Suma cum laude. Katherine spent several additional years in Japan working to improve military civilian relations in an advertising capacity, before returning to the US to complete an MBA in finance. She can be reached at businessoffice@nmaces.org.
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Maintenance & Procurement Program Manager

Tammy West
Tammy assists the ACES Chief Procurement Officer with all procurement matters and contracting for the agency. She also provides support to ACES Members and Contractors with public procurement matters, compliance and contracting. Tammy lives in Roswell where she retired as the Chaves County Purchasing Director in 2016. She worked with public agencies and private entities across New Mexico through her own company for seven years prior to joining the ACES team in 2022.
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Substitute & Employment Services, Admin Assistant

Sharon Myers
As ACES Administrative Assistant, Sharon provides assistance to all areas of ACES business. Composing the ACES Newsletter, maintaining the ACES Website and providing ACES communication are just a few facets of her job. 

As Employment Services manager, Sharon posts jobs for participating charter schools on various platforms and provides quality candidates for hire. She is also in charge of the Substitute Program for Albuquerque and Las Cruces. Sharon is a retired LCPS employee with 13 years of experience in elementary classrooms and 14 years as a principal. She was also an administrator at J. Paul Taylor Academy for two years.
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Accounts Receivable

Lorrie DeLoach
Lorrie has been in finance since 1997 and has led many small businesses through varying financial climates along the way. She is excited to contribute to ACES in a supporting role and enjoys seeing the successes of charter schools in New Mexico.

Meet Our Executive Committee


Head Administrator
SAMS Academy


Chief Administrator/Director
Red River Valley Charter School


Executive Committee, Treasurer


Executive Committee, Secretary


Executive Committee, Member


Executive Committee, Ex-Officio Member


Executive Committee, Ex-Officio Member


Executive Committee, Member


Executive Committee, Member
Executive Director
Amy Biehl High School


Executive Committee, Member
Executive Director
J. Paul Taylor Academy

Organizational Chart

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ACES Meetings


Regular JPA Membership Board Meeting

The Board of Directors shall hold an Annual JPA Membership Board Meeting. (Amended 12.08.2017)

Special JPA Membership Board Meetings

Special meetings of the JPA Membership Board may be called by, or at the request of the President or any four (4) JPA Membership Board members and shall be held at such place as the President, Executive Director, or committee chair may determine. (Amended 12.08.2017)

Executive Committee Meetings

The Executive Committee shall hold its meetings at least quarterly.

Open Meetings

All meetings of the JPA Membership Board and Executive Committee shall be open to the public. (Amended 12.08.2017)All meetings will be held in accordance with the New Mexico Open Meetings Act 10-15-1 to 10-14-4 NMSA.

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