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Frequently Asked Questions

I am a vendor, how do I join your organization?

There are two ways to join ACES as a vendor:

1) By joining our Marketplace Program, which is a yearly paid subscription. Under the program we help to "market" your services to our members. All Marketplace business is conducted between the agency and the vendor, is not monitored, or managed by ACES, and may be subject to competitive procurement requirements.

2) As a Procurement Partner (ACES Contractor) which requires a vendor to receive award of a contract through a formal ACES solicitation process. A vendor is only able to submit a proposal or bid and be considered for a contract during an active solicitation. Most solicitations result in contract awards for a term of up to four years. Only awarded contract vendors can be a Procurement Partner. All business is managed through ACES and is subject to a 1.5% administrative fee, which is ACES primary source of revenue.

What types of payment are you able to accept?

ACES accepts checks and ACH payments. We are unable to accept credit cards at this time.

Is ACES a non-profit organization?

No, ACES is a public entity established by the New Mexico Department of Finance and Administration, to provide services and support to New Mexico government agencies. As a public entity we are tax exempt regarding purchases of tangible property.

How are orders placed using an ACES contract?

The ordering agency (called a “Participating Agency”) must first be a member of ACES. As a member, the Participating Agency issues a purchase order referencing the applicable ACES contract number to the ACES business office (unless a waiver allowing direct billing has been approved). ACES will in turn issue a purchase order to the Contractor. Once the Contractor receives an ACES purchase order, they may proceed with providing items and/or services to the Participating Agency.

How are invoices processed?

After providing items and/or services to the Participating Agency, the Contractor shall submit an invoice referencing the applicable ACES purchase order number to the ACES business office at ACES will in turn bill the Participating Agency. The Participating Agency shall pay ACES within 15 days after receipt of the invoice. Upon receiving payment from the Participating Agency, ACES will process payment to the Contractor, less the 1.5% administrative fee.

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