Supporting New Mexico’s Charter Schools
The Association for Charter School Educational Services, or ACES, is a public entity approved by the New Mexico Department of Finance and Administration, to provide services and support to New Mexico charter schools. ACES provides services, support, and technical assistance to New Mexico’s charter schools. Operating through a Joint Powers Agreement (JPA), and approved by the New Mexico Department of Finance and Administration, charter schools that are members of ACES can take advantage of cooperative purchasing of goods and services. By joining together, charter schools can lower their operating costs and put those savings back into their classrooms.
Cost Effectiveness
By sharing resources and combining services, charter schools — and their taxpayers — can get a better product or service, save time, and save money. The cost savings from participating in ACES go back into the classroom to increase student achievement. The greatest advocacy tool a charter school can have is the increased academic performance of their students.
Operational Efficiency
ACES provides the efficient use of education funding by sharing resources, participating in the costs of services, and taking advantage of reduced pricing.

Our Services

Bulk/Food Services

  Shamrock Foods, a local, family owned business, offers not only the culture of a local company, but the depth of experience of one of

Cadre Professional Services

Running a charter school is difficult and takes a multitude of skills and abilities. Just as importantly, it also takes a great amount of time.

Cafeteria/Food Services

Recognizing that students can’t learn if they are hungry, and realizing that implementing a cafeteria program that meets all of the nutritional, financial, and reporting

Landscaping and Grounds Management

Yellowstone Landscape To look your best, it takes a strong team of commercial landscaping experts. Since 2008, our company has grown because of our team’s

Online Ancillary Services

Traditional and charter schools are experiencing a shortage of ancillary (Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, Diagnosticians, Social Workers, Mental Health Services, Assessments) personnel.  Even

Security and Safety Systems

SCHOOL SECURITY AND SAFETY The area of school security is of prime importance to ACES. However, we believe it must go beyond setting off an

Transportation Services

HERRERA SCHOOL BUSES AND COACHES INC. Save Big on Transportation for Field/Sports Trips! ACES members can receive a substantial discount for activity buses for field