Supporting New Mexico’s Charter Schools

The Association for Charter School Educational Services, or ACES, is a public entity approved by the New Mexico Department of Finance and Administration, to provide services and support to New Mexico charter schools.

ACES provides services, support, and technical assistance to New Mexico’s charter schools. Operating through a Joint Powers Agreement (JPA), and approved by the New Mexico Department of Finance and Administration, charter schools that are members of ACES can take advantage of cooperative purchasing of goods and services.  By joining together, charter schools can lower their operating costs and put those savings back into their classrooms.

Cost Effectiveness

By sharing resources and combining services, charter schools — and their taxpayers — can get a better product or service, save time, and save money. The cost savings from participating in ACES go back into the classroom to increase student achievement. The greatest advocacy tool a charter school can have is the increased academic performance of their students.

Operational Efficiency

ACES provides the efficient use of education funding by sharing resources, participating in the costs of services, and taking advantage of reduced pricing.


The Association for Charter Schools Education Services (ACES) is seeking an exceptional educational leader to assume the management of an outstanding education service/procurement agency for primarily New Mexico’s Charter Schools.


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