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Axiom Analytics


Operating a high-quality charter school in New Mexico requires strong financial controls and accurate accounting at a minimum, but achieving financial sustainability — especially for new and growing schools — requires more: forward-looking cash-flow analysis, dynamic financial projections, and active advocacy on behalf of charter schools’ interests. Securing or expanding viable facilities that can accommodate growing student populations, planning in advance for changing teacher and staff salaries and benefits, and helping schools seek out and secure opportunities for local, state, and federal funding are all key to ensuring that schools can maintain their focus on delivering results for the students and communities that depend on them.

Axiom Analytics’ team has more than 25 years of experience as school business officials. They support school leaders and boards across the state by providing CFO-level services that help them make critical decisions, balance changing priorities throughout and across school years, and collaborate effectively with stakeholders and funders. Axiom’s goal is to help leaders leverage these and other types of forward-looking services to ensure that their schools don’t just survive from year to year, but thrive and grow for the future.

For more information, please contact Katie Rarick,, 505-917-4023.

Katie Rarick



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