PROCUREMENT PARTNER: Cafeteria / Bulk Food Services

El Roi Cafe


The El Roi Café is a locally owned and operated restaurant located in the heart of Albuquerque, next door to the Albuquerque Sign Language Academy campus near downtown. Joshua Archuleta, Owner and Head Chef and Fabby Flores, Owner and Manager have extensive experience in serving cafeteria style breakfast and lunches. Fabby and Josh worked together for 4 years as Manager and Assistant Manager for SIPI Community College, where they oversaw the entire food service operation for the school. The pair decided to take their skills to the next level and open a restaurant. They now own and operate The El Roi Café, where they specialize in scratch cooking and bringing a taste of home to every plate. ACES is happy to have awarded a Food Service Management contract to EL Roi Café!


Fabby Flores, Manager

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