PROCUREMENT PARTNER: Cafeteria / Bulk Food Services



Genuine Foods is one of the fastest growing contract food service companies in the South-West. Over the last several years, they have built a network of professionals and support services in the area and are poised and ready to utilize these resources to continue their growth. Genuine Foods is a company dedicated to providing high quality, locally sourced ingredients that can be crafted into nutritionally balanced meals for any food program and for every guest. Through their partnerships and commitment to utilizing local resources, they hope to build stronger communities and improve lives. The powerful outcome of combining good food, good business practices and good partnerships is how GOOD FOOD DOES GOOD. ACES is pleased to have awarded a Food Service Management contract to Genuine Foods!

“Our purpose is to use the power of real, genuine foods to improve the lives and livelihoods of people and communities, so their most vulnerable members can flourish.”

–Jeff Mills, Genuine Foods Founder and CEO

Ian Tillotson

Director of Business Development

Direct (505) 515-1875 | Main (844) 436-3663

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