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Reading Quest


Reading Quest provides equitable access to quality reading instruction for all students and empowers them to believe in themselves as they become strong, enthusiastic readers. We believe that learning how to read well is a human right and that closing the education gap between low and high-income students is a powerful tool in combating inequity and poverty. Research shows that teaching reading using structured literacy strategies and direct and explicit instruction aligned with the science of reading works to close this gap. What makes Reading Quest unique is our engaging, fun program which leads to students asking to be tutored by our Reading Specialists and finally enjoying reading!

Reading Quest offers the following services:


  • Structured, Multi-Sensory Literacy Reading Tutoring, fully aligned with the science of reading, during and after the school day. We currently offer high-quality reading tutoring for 450 children weekly, individually or in pairs, in grades 1-8, who are reading one or more years below grade level. We support phonological and phonemic awareness, in addition to building vocabulary and background knowledge, increasing reading comprehension and fluency for all of our students using decodable texts and reading games.
  • Professional development, training & coaching for principals, teachers and reading specialists which provides concrete teaching reading strategies aligned with the science of reading and positive classroom management techniques. We also provide literacy training for high school and college-age students who are interested in tutoring, in addition to bilingual parent workshops which provide strategies for supporting their children’s reading.
  • Intensive Summer Reading is Magic camps for elementary school children during which students make, on average, one year’s growth in reading.
  • Reading Resources: Teaching videos, word cards, books and reading games are available on our website;

For more information contact:

Rayna Dineen

(505) 920-9709.

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