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SchoolPass is a PK-12 platform helping schools manage campus movement, attendance, and safety, in the cloud. Schools can consolidate and modernize the arrival, screening, and departure of students, staff, parents, and visitors in one place, while enabling schools to more quickly and accurately account for everyone on campus throughout the school day, especially during an emergency.

SchoolPass Provides: Perimeter Security and Campus Traffic Management with ALPR

The Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) Campus Traffic Automation module is used to automatically identify (and verify) parents as they arrive on campus during dismissal using ALPR cameras. The system displays ETA-based dismissal information automatically in classrooms or centralized dismissal locations where students are waiting. Daily student changes are taken into account when displaying dismissal information in classrooms. Staff also have the option to add parents/drivers on the Staff App. Parents can use the SchoolPass Parent App to announce their arrival on campus (using GPS).

ALPR increases security allowing schools to automatically identify vehicles arriving and departing the campus 24×7 via ALPR cameras. Identify parents, high school student divers, staff, visitors, and vendor vehicles. Alerts can be sent via text message and email when unknown vehicles arrive or depart. Administrators are able to pull trip data by date, time, and lane.

SchoolPass Provides: Touchless Student & Visitor Management

With the SchoolPass Visitor Management module, schools can screen and manage visitors, provide an instant sex-offender check, print badges, and give notification of each visitor to the intended staff member. Digital IDs with QR-codes for students, parents, and staff provide for faster sign in and out, and barcodes and RFID readers are supported. Schools can create a custom ‘do-not-enter’ flagged visitor list for added security. Students can check in when arriving late or leaving the campus and print tardy/dismissal slips, sending the records to the Student Information System (SIS)*. Students can sign in at the beginning of the day to be marked present for day-level attendance. Students can also check in or out of scheduled activities or special classes. Staff can pre-register expected visitors for events for faster check in using a QR-code, and bulk print visitor badges for scheduled meetings and events. SchoolPass Visitor Management is the all-in-one solution for “who is on campus” allowing check in and out for visitors, parents, students, staff, and teachers. Visitor Management also supports COVID-19 screening questions & wellness checks.

*level of integration varies by SIS

Amy Holland

SchoolPass | Vice President of Sales & Partnership

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