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TalkPath Live is a web-based ancillary service provider offering the New Mexico Charter Schools Marketplace IEP-required therapy and interventions in the fields of speech-language, occupational, and physical therapy, counseling, social work services, dyslexia services, and early intervention. As a vendor for NMACES for five year, TalkPath Live teletherapy is convenient, secure, affordable, and effective—just as effective, in fact (and in some cases more so) than traditional in-person therapy. With TalkPath Live, highly trained and qualified therapists connect directly with students online—live, in real time, for one-on-one therapy sessions. Web-based tools and instructional strategies maximize screen time and fully engage today’s technology-oriented students. Lesson plans are customized, scheduling is flexible, and services are reimbursable via Medicaid in the School.

TPL currently has clinicians available for either immediate service or for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year!

These therapists are ready to meet your school’s needs, and they’re happy to serve as your primary provider or as a secondary source, for however many students and hours you need, with no minimum requirements. Best of all, TalkPath Live can reach any student anywhere at any time, expertly and compassionately treating the full array of communicative, cognitive, mobility, and developmental deficits, disorders, and disabilities.

To Learn More About TalkPath Live’s Ancillary Services or to Set Up a Free Demo:


CALL: Theresa Grant, Chief Program Development Officer, at 916-296-1772


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