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Tutor Me Education has been a leader in providing in-person and virtual High-Dosage Tutoring (HDT), special education tutoring, home-instruction, and more to over 175+ School Districts for 12+ years. Our mission is to support all K-12 students experiencing learning loss and help them achieve academic success through our data-driven and evidence-based tutoring programs. In addition to academic support in Math, English and 250+ other subjects, our educators address social and emotional (SEL) needs and have years of tutoring and teaching experience utilizing our custom lesson space. Instructors hold state teaching credentials, masters degrees, and doctoral degrees. Tutors are also equipped to help students with learning disabilities, IEPs, and much more.

● Tutor Me Education has been vetted by the State Board of Education and is an official vendor for the TEA tutor corps.

● We are also a provider on the National Student Support Accelerator.

● With over 175+ districts currently contracted with us, we have served over 1,000,000+ PreK-12 Youth.

● Our program follows a research-based methodology that includes pre/interim/post assessments, individualized lesson plans (ILP), and progress reporting.

● We specialize in working with at-risk youth, foster youth, ELL/ESL, and students with Special Needs.

Dr. Daniel Mak | National Director

o: 877.500.0818 | p: 415.367.3853

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